Top-notch Tips On How to Make iPhone Apps & Make Money Along the Way

It is not uncommon these days to hear strange stories of people making dollars in thousands in a single day developing new apps for iPhone. iPhone has spread far and wide with millions of people using the device very extensively. In fact many peoples' lives are controlled by this fantastic device. Therefore if you can develop an idea for using in the iPhone in an innovative way with a new application, you can use it to earn money. However if you are not familiar with coding you will not be in a position to create the application. Don't let this demoralize you, if you have the idea, you can take the help of a developer to create the apps and earn money. If you want to know how to make iPhone apps you need to follow the steps given below:

How to make iphone apps
1. Find the right app idea
Think hard, if you presently do not have any idea, of what you want from the iPhone that is not already there in the device. Just think what you would like your iPhone to do that will make some improvement in your everyday life. Is there anything in your wish list for the iPhone? If you get the idea, move on to the next step.

2. Chalk out how the iPhone will work
When you are wondering how to make iPhone apps, you need to put your thoughts to paper. Just make a chart or a flow chart of what you want to happen in the iPhone. This will include the type of screen you require, the links that you need, the buttons that will make the apps function. Your chart, layout, pictures should explain clearly what your apps is going to perform. Putting your thoughts to paper will bring more clarity to your idea and you will also learn whether what you want makes sense or not.

3. Getting your apps idea into iPhone code
If you know how to make iPhone apps coding, then nothing like it; on the other hand if you don't, nothing to worry. There are people available who are expert in iPhone coding and are literally waiting to code any ideas that they are offered. To find these talented people all you need to do is go online and key in 'iPhone developer' into your favorite search engine which will throw up numerous companies offering to build apps for your iPhone.

If you do not know how to make iPhone apps, there are freelancers whose services can be used at cheaper rates. You can get these freelancers at sites like or You can get in touch with them; test some of their creations on iPhone to determine their capabilities. If you find one suitable, you can go ahead and start negotiating on terms and conditions.

4. Protect yourself against fraud
The world we live in is not perfect; every step you take is fraught with deceit, therefore before you firm up anything with a developer you should be aware that your idea can be stolen and used by unscrupulous persons to be used for their own advantage. You should give the developer a summary of your idea first and then enter into a legal contract which will bind the developer legally from stealing your idea. Such type of legal document is called Non-Disclosure Agreement. After you have this document in hand you can go ahead and start giving out your ideas in details.

5. Give your ideas to the developer
After legally securing your position you can give the developer the full format of your app. You can start with giving him the sketches that you had made when developing the app idea. You should be clear with your ideas so that the developer is left with no doubt or confusion on the app idea that you have. With everything clear on the table, it will be easy for the developer to go ahead without referring to you every time something comes up. This way the time taken to develop your iPhone idea will also be less.

6. Price for app development
Pricing is always a tricky matter. The cost of developing iPhone apps through a third party will largely depend on the ideas you are trying to put into action and how much effort will be required to do so. Depending on the developer the cost can vary from $500 to $10,000 or more. When you have settled on a price, you should have a payment plan in place in writing so that everyone is clear about it. The payment worry is taken off your back if you find a developer with or who has their own system for taking care of this aspect without you getting involved in it.

7. Test the final product
After the final product is delivered, you should test it out extensively before you release any payment to the developer. Since you do not know coding there can be chances that the developer might take undue advantage of you. However you should test the app thoroughly to satisfy yourself in every way. Your outlook in this direction should be professional and you should deal with the developer professionally.

From the above tips you will learn how to make iPhone apps and use it for making money.